Artist Statement

I am interested in the role of traditionally feminine, handmade objects in our society.  The handmade reflects notions of sentiment, affection and invested time. I perform small investigations through my pieces. I reference human characteristics directly using or alluding to a variety of traditional handmade processes. I have a preference for the lo-tech, the handmade, embedded rhythms and disembodied objects. My work is often a juxtaposition of delicate restraint and chaotic weight. 


The materials I use reference craft (thread, lace..) as well as the physicality of body (human hair and skin-like structures.) I am interested in the physical body for it’s individual and universal embodiment. I am interested in the visible yet hidden nature, housing the personal and the private from the objective in nature, all while being vulnerable to the manipulation of time.


Creating stop-motion animations provides me with the opportunity to tactility explore space, structure, and movement in time. The accompanying soundtracks are a combination of human and environmental noises along with the melodies of a music box.  My imperfect objects reawaken with life, as the sound begins. Exhibiting elements of self-consciousness and memory, the object performs the naive struggle of maintaining the boundary between personal and public.

 © 2019 by Sarah Oneschuk

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